There’s a premium on real protection – and it’s worth paying

Published Feb 21, 2021 by Xiph

Snatching a bargain is seen as wildly attractive and even sensible thing to pursue but have you noticed the nobody tries to haggle over essential safety features that will protect them from harm? In fact, often businesses and individuals will happily pay extra for comprehensive safeguards against fire and injury for example.

Luxary Secuirty

There isn’t a market for discount fire extinguishers, cheap hazmat suits or knock-off airbags and there’s a reason for that. When it comes to protection – tested, proven and trusted protection – we are willing, even eager, to pay a premium. Afterall, we each only have one life.

Protecting your online life is worth every penny you invest

By now, you are aware of the losses caused by hacking (millions) and the costs of data breaches to companies (tens of millions) but consider the cost to you. How much havoc would a breach of your privacy cost you… or your business?

Consider the saying, “you get what you pay for.” We all know it’s true, it’s just that sometimes it doesn’t matter if the product or service is somewhat lacking in quality: chewing gum, table service at a fast-food outlet, etc… if it’s not great, fine, next! What have you lost? 

Online data and privacy protection, however, are high value items – they matter, and safeguarding them by sourcing genuine, quality products and services from dedicated experts in this field is critical. And it is worth paying a premium for peace of mind.

But won’t ‘Big Tech’ and the Government keep my data safe for next to nothing?

Big Tech have bigger fish to fry. Sure, there are offers and built-in solutions that “cover off” a number of surface concerns. But we are all aware that many of Big Tech’s “off the shelf” solutions are no match for those motivated by profiting from your data. If Big Tech already makes a pretty penny from harvesting data, why would they voluntarily turn off that revenue stream simply to guarantee your data protection.

As for your government, just check your latest legislation around privacy and data access to see what they think about the sovereignty of your data. 

With this in mind, it’s common sense: it’s far safer to invest in companies dedicated to preserving your privacy than those that would profit from it.

Why are we here and why does it matter?

In our eyes, profiting from the harvesting, sharing and use of private data without the owners’ express permission is wrong. We exist to provide the protection, quality assurance and peace of mind that our customers and clients deserve. Our products and services come at a premium price, but you always get what you pay for. Not protecting your privacy or going for the cheap option almost always comes at a cost – and a hefty one at that.


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