NCrypt Cellular offers data protection for everyone with /e/, the Google-free Android mobile ecosystem

Published Aug 10, 2019 by Xiph

Privacy protection is once again in the spotlight as /e/, the privacy by design mobile ecosystem has, partnered with Australian encryption specialists NCrypt Cellular to provide customers with open source Google free products.

Up until recently, users of digital devices and services have been forced to choose between a handful of corporate offerings that don’t serve their best interests in terms of safeguarding personal data and respecting their private lives. Thanks to /e/, those days are numbered.

/e/ is a “privacy by design” mobile ecosystem, made for everyone, from “techies” to mums and dads, where user data isn’t secured, read or stored. /e/ comes with a unique combination of an “ungoogled” Android OS, core apps preloaded synched with online services. /e/OS also features an App repository to access free and open source apps where each app can be scanned to highlight trackers threatening personal data, providing transparency to the user.

NCrypt Cellular will offer several solutions developed by /e/ ranging from premium grade refurbished smartphone with /e/ or a mail-in flashing service where users can send their smartphone to have /e/ be installed by a professional technician.

“There is a real problem when a handful of multi-national corporations enjoy a monopoly on the digital services available. This is compounded when these businesses are all using personal and corporate data to subtly manoeuvre people towards specific products which will enrich the profit margins of transnational companies”, said /e/ President Gaël Duval.

NCrypt Cellular have operated within the Australian market since 2015 and view this most recent partnership as an important step towards increasing the range of solutions available to customers. Now, private citizens and businesses alike have a broad spectrum of data security options to break free of the shackles of “Big Data”. Further, commercial confidence as well as everyday control over one’s personal data can be given a higher priority at a lower cost.

NCrypt Cellular CTO, Alex Kesik, remains enthusiastic about safeguarding online data and reaffirmed the benefits of partnering with /e/. “There’s something very refreshing about working closely with those that believe something can always be done to remove barriers to the preservation of our freedoms and rights. Our right to privacy is a key function in relationship building both inside and outside the workplace and we feel compelled to help preserve it.”

About NCrypt Cellular

Security and privacy at your fingertips

Security of data and information shouldn’t be a hit and miss affair and Ncrypt Cellular is a recognised industry expert in secure phones, networks, tools and accessories sales, installations and peace mind. They believe that commercial security of data is a must and personal security of information is a right. At the end of the day, you need to be sure, now you can be.

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About /e/

Your data is YOUR data

Launched by Gaël Duval in 2018, open source veteran and founder of Mandrake Linux, the /e/OS/, an open source mobile OS ecosystem, offers users full privacy by default and with easy controls. While other mobile platforms offer some privacy toggling often buried behind confusing settings or promote privacy while simultaneously pushing data hungry search engines, /e/ offers a better solution that keeps users’ data private by default and stops data flows that don’t benefit users, saving battery and bandwidth.

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