About Xiph

Xiph Cyber was created to ensure your privacy and data security remains unchallenged.

Xiph Cyber was founded to protect businesses and individuals against the proliferation of cybercrime and data harvesting. In an era of serious and highly consequential data breaches, escalating cyber-criminal activities and developing threats Xiph Cyber is the necessary antidote you need.

Believing that those with the capacity to have a positive impact are honour-bound to do so, the Xiph Cyber team created Ncrypt Cellular in 2015. Its purpose was to provide the hardware, software and professional advice businesses and individuals need to protect their data and privacy.

In response to the unprecedented growth in our use of and reliance on data, along with the massive volume of data we need to store in our business and personal lives, the business has now been expanded to provide a comprehensive cyber security service and renamed Xiph Cyber. Its objective – to keep your private information private and protect you from the hacks, attacks, ransomware and theft of data and money that other individuals and organisations suffer from every day.

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