Cyber Security Services

The Xiph Cyber team offers a complete and holistic approach to cyber security for your business, organisation or personal life.

Whether choosing from our range of in-depth professional services, procuring cutting-edge hardware or implementing highly secure cloud solutions, we deliver total confidence that your information systems, privacy and data are safe and secure - in an increasingly threatening digital world. Even in the event of a cyber incident, our expertise will rapidly contain, diagnose and manage the threat, getting your organisation or life back and running, with minimal disruption.

Xiph Cyber is one of Australia's leading cyber security experts and service providers and possesses in depth and up-to-the-minute expertise of the global cyber landscape. Whether you are an individual or a business or organisation of any size, Xiph offer everything you need to stay ahead of cyber threats now and in to the future.

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Incident Response

When cyber threats strike, you don't have to face them alone. Xiph Cyber provides industry-leading incident response and digital forensic services that ensure you and your organisation have the peace of mind that you are in the best hands. When you need to contain a cyber incident, a Xiph Cyber incident response/digital forensic consultant is quickly available to provide expert advice or to deploy the solution you need to ensure your organisation can continue operating as required.

As one of Australia's leading providers of incident response and digital forensic services Xiph Cyber will provide rapid containment of the threat and in-depth investigations into your organisation and its information systems,anywhere in the world.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a form of ethical hacking where authorised, cyber security hackers are deployed on your organisation, its information systems, applications, processes and people to mimic a real-world attempt to break into your systems. By performing such tests in a controlled manner, Xiph Cyber provides in-depth analysis and reporting on your organisation's threat landscape, helping to secure your environment from malicious hackers and helping to shape your cyber security framework, processes and policies.

Xiph Cyber penetration testers and security consultants offer industry-leading expertise, advice and experience that ensures your cyber security framework is optimally implemented and managed, to help keep your organisation safe from advanced cyber threats.

Governance & Audit

Xiph Cyber provides industry-leading governance, consultancy and auditing services through our team of highly qualified and experienced experts. We ensure organisations have total control over their information systems and a crystal clear view of cyber capabilities and vulnerabilities.

As one of Australia's leading governance and auditing companies, Xiph Cyber provides a range of governance-oriented cyber security services, including information security governance, cyber security strategy frameworks, cyber risk audits of information systems, as well as implementation and review of security policies.

Managed Security Services

Xiph Cyber is one of Australia's leading providers of managed security services and can offer your organisation expert advice, support and deployment of advanced security systems and threat intelligence, to ensure you have oversight of your business and its information systems.

Our engineers and Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts are industry leading experts and can provide the security edge you need to stay safe from advanced cyber threats.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions for small, medium and big businesses can provide secure storage and hosting, advanced security features, flexible user capabilities & more.

Projects & Consulting

We can supercharge your information technology posture with tailored IT consulting, strategic guidance, technical expertise, and solutions for small to medium businesses.

IT Support & Services

Secure, reliable and tailored IT support services for businesses of all sizes. We provide scope definition, compliance/risk assessment, remote support, helpdesk enquiries & more.

Secure Smartphone Solutions

Xiph Cyber is Australia's leading provider of secure and private smartphone solutions. We offer a range of cutting-edge, security hardened devices running the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptographic protocols to keep you and your communications totally secure. We also offer the latest, open source de-Googled, privacy-based operating systems that give you back control of your data and who has access to it.

In today's hyperconnected world individuals and organisations can't operate without the use of a smartphone and the bad guys know this! Our mobile phones have become an attractive honey pot for cyber criminals and state-sponsored hackers, looking to exploit individuals or organisations for profit or to turn a smart device into a remote listening device, via the use of advanced spyware.

Talk to us today to learn how we can protect your organisation's mobile workforce from advanced mobile cyber attacks or browse our range of hardware in our web shop.