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In real time - all the time

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) proactively identifies, tracks and neutralises cyber-threats to protect your organisation - 24/7, 365 days a year.

Keeping data and systems safe is a specialised, full-time operation that allows businesses and organisations to focus on their core functions. The Xiph Cyber Security Operations Centre works around the clock, using trained SOC analysts and A.I. to detect, pursue, analyse and respond to cyberthreats, incidents and breaches. This means your operations are protected by dedicated, professional and proactive centralised resources, delivering complete protection, 24/7.

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Total peace of mind that you are protected - with our comprehensive SOC systems

Standard technology and enthusiastic human resources are no longer enough to mitigate today's threats. The Xiph Cyber SOC combines speed and responsiveness with predictive A.I. and specialist intel to provide:

Coverage and protection that focuses on neutralising cyberthreats to your organisation or business

Infrastructure and technology that utilises breach detection solutions to protect data and systems

Functional expertise to manage, analyse, investigate and mitigate any anomalies that may affect areas of potential vulnerability

Xiph Cyber's SOC enables timely and decisive action in the face of increasing and ongoing cyberthreats to businesses and organisations.

For the peace of mind that our SOC service provides, contact us for a confidential discussion on your needs and solutions to suit your business or organisation.

Xiph S.O.C. - Powered by SentinelOne

SentinelOne is the leader in autonomous cybersecurity that provides peace of mind and security to financial, government, non-profit and transportation enterprises and organisations around the globe. Our SOC is powered by SentinelOne's technology so that we, in turn, can offer you the benefits of speed, scale and accuracy in terms of reporting and response to threats and security incidents.

Learn more about the power of SentinelOne's autonomous cybersecurity capabilities and how our SOC leverages their infrastructure to deliver unparalleled protection to your business or organisation.

Our SOC manages and optimises these combined services by tailoring them to your cybersecurity needs, exponentially increasing proactive protection of vulnerable attack surfaces. This combination of A.I., expertise and technology means that your assets and operations will be safer than they've ever been from cybercrime and disruptions.

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☑ Autonomous cybersecurity driven by A.I. advancements The nexus of A.I. capabilities and expert proactivity means threats are hunted, identified and mitigated quickly and efficiently.
☑ Seamless notification with immediate response time protocols Our SOC's systems and software alert analysts to cyberattacks on your data, personnel and operations in real time
☑ Coordinated expertise Industry-leading experience, advice and guidance ensure timely, effective reporting, safeguarding your cyber-environment
☑ 24/7 cyber vigilance and transparency You benefit from industry leading accuracy, visibility, responsiveness and defence against all manner of cyberthreats