Ransomware Attack Investigation

Our ransomware attack investigation team provides comprehensive resources and expert technical abilities that help your business deal with and recover from any ransomware attack - fast. In the event of an attack, we provide expert advice and solutions to business owners and senior management, quickly assessing the severity of the incident and the impact the attack will have on daily operations, financial loss and damage to reputation.


  • Investigation into attack
  • Containment of ransomware attack
  • Assessment of impact to business & bottom line
  • Forensic investigation into breach
  • Detailed reports on ransomware attack
  • Liaising with ransomware actors / hackers
  • Development of security program(s)
  • Working with law enforcement(s) on your behalf
  • Work with legal counsel to comply with 'Mandatory Data Breach Notifications Scheme' under OAIC guidelines

Our Incident Response Services by Category

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  • Audit and Risk Management
    Audit and Risk Management

    Our in-depth assessments include a thorough audit of your existing cyber security systems and policies against a background of current threats. We identify your exposure and vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate changes to provide updated protection.

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  • Consulting

    The cyber world moves quickly and circumstances can change daily. Having a Xiph Cyber consultant on your side means faster reactions, more precise compliance and access to the latest protection technology.

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  • Cyber Education and Training
    Cyber Education and Training

    Your best defence against insidious attacks derived from cybercrime activities such as phishing is a knowledgeable company with a fresh and current understanding of the threats. We teach best-practice cyber management, social media safety, and threat identification and avoidance.

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  • Email Security
    Email Security

    The overwhelming majority of cyber-attacks begin with a simple email. Keeping your email secure and your staff up to date on the sophisticated techniques malicious actors use to trick them into admitting malware and ransomware is essential. We stay abreast of current and emerging threats every day, so you don’t have to.

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  • Ransomware Security
    Ransomware Security

    Ransomware attacks are becoming more prevalent all the time, and you need constant vigilance to detect and respond to this rising threat. From risk management and guidance to threat detection and intelligence, to attack response and mitigation, Xiph Cyber is the answer you need.

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  • Virtual CISO
    Virtual CISO

    A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is a dedicated service with the resources and expertise to work directly with your senior team to meet your goals regarding cyber security, and provide the guidance and leadership you need. Cost-effective and focused solely on cyber protection, your vCISO is available 24/7/365 – because cyber criminals never sleep.

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